Thursday, August 4, 2011

Utah Travel Day

Monday was a travel day to Salt Lake City, Utah.  We passed the Grand Tetons on our way and even from the distance from where we saw them, they were spectacular.  The camera couldn’t pick up the view, but they were beautiful.  We passed the time playing the alphabet game with Emilee being the winner and Ashlee coming in second, much to her dismay!

Once we arrived in Salt Lake City, we checked into the hotel, and then we went to grab some dinner.  We were thrilled to find an In-N-Out Burger in Utah!  YUM!

On the road together for six weeks, and they're still buds.
The next morning we took off for Richfield, Utah.  Fortunately we didn’t have a very long drive, less than two hours.  We originally planned to visit Bryce Canyon National Park today, but since it was going to add about four more hours to our driving time today, we decided to just take a break from seeing the sites and do something different.  The girls hit the pool for some splash time, and then Daddy suggested going out for a movie.  We found an old movie theater in downtown Richfield, about five minutes from our hotel, and they were showing the last “Harry Potter” movie, part 7.  Since we had just watched the part 6 when we were at Glacier, timing was perfect.  So we hit the movie theater for the evening.  It was a great change of pace, and we are going to Bryce tomorrow!

Old Downtown Movie Theater in Richfield, Utah

Waiting for the movie to start

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