Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Countdown Begins!

Now that school is over and summer has officially begun, "The Countdown" to our departure date begins - 13 MORE DAYS!  The mad dash of getting everything organized and packed and ready to head off on our adventure is in full swing.  We started a couple of days ago with the most important thing... haircuts.  We might forget to stop our mail and turn off our water, but at least we will be sporting new hairdos!  With all the hiking, swimming and outdoor activities we plan to do, we need some low maintenance hairdos.  The Murphy women had some pretty serious hair falling at the salon.  We all ended up with shoulder-length hair.  Emilee's hair was the longest, so she had the most to lose shedding about 7".  You can take a look at the end results below!  Aren't they stunning?  :-)  Speaking of low maintenance hairdos, Scott thinks he should just shave his off.  Hopefully you had the same reaction I did... uuuuhhh, NO!  Short, yes!  Shaved, no!

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