Friday, July 27, 2012

Mini Road Trip - Summer 2012

Compared to last year's 8-week road trip, this year is a much abbreviated version.  Back at the beginning of spring when we began discussing where we would go this summer, Scott asked the girls what they would like to do.  One daughter said Amish country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the other daughter said New York City.  Bet you can guess who chose where!

So Scott started figuring out the logistics of where we were going and how we would get there.  Since he said he had no intentions of letting me drive in New York City (can't imagine why) he decided the best way would be Amtrak from Philly to NYC.  We decided we would start in Amish country.  Next we would head to Philadelphia to tour downtown and catch Amtrak to NYC where we would then spend a few days before heading back to Philadephia to finish our trip home.

Ashlee arrives home tonight from her Indianapolis mission trip with VG. We'll give her a day of rest and will head out the next morning.  Instead of heading west, we're going north.  Instead of 8 weeks, we'll be doing 10 days.  Instead of visiting/driving through 24 states, we'll hit four states.  And we'll reside in three hotels instead of... well, there are too many to remember from last year.  Can't wait to hit the road!

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