Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 1 - Touring Amish Country Part III

After our adventure at the Esh Dairy Farm, we headed down the road to our next stop - Smucker's Gourd Farm where we met the Smucker family.  Mr. Smucker gave us a tour of the facility explaining how, once they harvested the gourds, they cleaned them, polished them, sorted them, and took them into the shop to sell.  Some of the gourds were painted by his daughters, some were turned into birdhouses, and some of them were left plain waiting for someone to purchase them and put their own finishing touches on them.  The handpainted gourds were so pretty, but I was hesitant to take pictures of them... Ashlee was watching me too closely.  :-)  Mr. Smucker explained that the reason his family started the gourd farm was due to the fact that he had daughters, which made it a bit harder for his family to work a dairy farm, so he turned to making a living doing something that would be easier for them all to do. 

As we loaded up on the bus, we noticed some of the family members loading up into their buggy.  A couple of the little girls were coming out of the house with overnight bags and pillows.  The bus driver said it looked like they were heading out for a sleepover.  I couldn't resist a quick picture... and I was far away... and in a bus! 

Another clothesline - love these!

For our next and final stop, we headed to an Amish family's home.  To be continued...

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