Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 3 - Hershey's Chocolate World

Today was our last day in Amish Country before we took off for Philadelphia.  I had spotted a couple of quilt shops during our drives that I wanted to browse before leaving.  Since the girls and I had started quilts of our own this summer, I thought it would be fun to add some fabric from Amish Country as a reminder of our trip.  So we checked out of our hotel with the girls having some fun on the luggage cart and headed down the road.

We made a few stops at a couple of the local quilt shops, and we each purchased a few fat quarters to match our quilts.  The quilts in these shops were exquisite!

One more item on Ashlee's list of things to do was to get some homemade rootbeer.  I think she read about it in one of her books, and that sparked her interest.  So we found a sign advertising homemade rootbeer, adn we turned down the long driveway toward the farm.  A young girl of about 10-years-old sold the girls a rootbeer.  They took a sip, crinkled their faces in disgust, put the lid back on the still-full bottle, and that was that.  At least they could now say they've had homemade rootbeer!


Then we hit the road toward our next destination... Hershey's Chocolate World, which was a stop on our way a two-night stay in Philadelphia.  We had decided we would just do the free tour with the little "train" ride to hear the story of Hershey and how they made their candy.  It was a cute little ride, took less than five minutes, and the girls thought it was fun enough to ride twice.  Of course, I think that was mostly because at the end of the ride you got a free mini Hershey bar! 

Free chocolate at the end of the ride...
Can we ride again, please?
Then we strolled through the huge gift shop where they found some gigantic candy.  Then we found the tower of movie size candy for a pretty good price, so they made their choices, and we hit the road toward Philly.

Does it get any better than giant chocolate?

The bargain rack!
We finished up at the Chocolate Heaven... I mean, Chocolate World, and hit the road toward Philadelphia.  As we were leaving Hershey, Pennsylvania's downtown, we noticed the streetlights.  How cool is that?

The streetlights in Hershey, PA are shaped
like Hershey Kisses... how appropriate!

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