Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Our first stop on our "Great Adventure" was Knoxville, Tennessee to visit with family before heading west. And we also had to leave Maisy (our dog) with Nana & Pappy (my parents) - fortunately we didn't have to board her at the vet for two months! I hope she remembers us when we get back! We stayed in Knoxville with Mimi & Papa (Scott's parents) and I'm sure had the most comfortable beds we'll experience on the rest of the trip!

We pulled out of Knoxville this morning at 8:30 AM to begin a 9-hour drive to our next stop. We were barely five minutes down the road when Ashlee said, "Are we there yet? How much longer?" UGH! Fortunately, she was only kidding!

We had originally planned our first stopover in Branson, Missouri but realized that it took us a bit out of the way and we didn't really have a "site" to see there. So we rerouted to Conway, Arkansas, which saved us about three hours of drive time. We drove through Memphis to show the girls where Scott lived there. Then we drove on into Arkansas and stopped by one of the Arkansas Razorback football stadiums in Little Rock. I spotted an open gate and convinced Scott that we needed to go on in, so he parked and we "snuck" down the ramp to the field. We didn't go any further though - just took a quick glance and snapped a quick photo (see below). Then it was off to the hotel for a dip in the pool and Domino's pizza for dinner. Now the girls are playing trivia before bed.

Tomorrow we're off to Oklahoma City to see the Memorial from the Oklahoma City bombing. It's hard to believe that happened over 16 years ago.

My favorite "site" of the day? You'll have to see the picture below that I was fortunate enough and quick enough to snap while Scott was driving - I couldn't resist!

By the way, today is our anniversary - 18 years... and I wouldn't change a thing!

My favorite "site" of the day. Check out the name of the park!

Sneaking a peak inside the Arkansas Razorback War Memorial Stadium

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  1. LOL saw that same sign on our way to Oklahoma but was not as quick with the camera as you. Hilarious!