Monday, June 13, 2011

Go Hogs!

We left Conway, Arkansas this morning heading further west to our next stopover in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We detoured through Fayetteville, Arkansas first for a quick stop to see the University of Arkansas... well, actually, for Scott to see the main Razorback football stadium. :-) They had a football camp taking place, so we were able to get into the stadium and watch. Then we walked over to their basketball arena, which we were also able to get into. Of course, the "Hog Heaven" store got our attention, and the girls ended up with Razorback tshirts & pajamas (there was a sale...$5 each!). After about 90 minutes of walking around the campus in 95 degree heat (and snapping some fun pictures-see below), we hit the road again.

Scott just loves to pose for pictures!
Can you tell he was humoring me?

Watching a Razorback football camp

I kept noticing that the closer we got to Oklahoma City, the higher the temperature gauge in the car climbed. By the time we got to the Oklahoma City Memorial, the temperature had reached 104 degrees! We arrived at the Memorial and walked around for a bit. When you walk onto the grounds of the Memorial, you first walk through the "Gates of Time." One gate is etched with 9:01 and the other shows 9:03... the bomb was detonated at 9:02. Between the two gates is the Field of Empty Chairs. Each of the 168 chairs represents a life lost. You'll notice in the picture below that some of the chairs are small, some are big. The smaller chairs represent the 19 children who died. It was a hard part of history to share with the girls - we as adults don't understand it, so it's tough to explain it to them.

One of the two "Gates of Time" Monuments

Field of Chairs representing the 168 lives lost
in the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995

After visiting the Memorial, we were off to find the hotel. Our "fun" photo of the day below was taken in front of the hotel. It's not every day you see a skateboard that's bigger than your car!  Much to the girls' dismay, unfortunately there was a "Keep Off" sign posted on the top!

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  1. I love that skateboard!!! ha!

    Glad you all are having fun. Chris is jealous about going to the Hog Stadium!