Saturday, June 25, 2011

Want To Make A Bet?

After our early morning hot air balloon adventure and breakfast back at the hotel, we went back to our room for a bit.  The girls presented their Father’s Day cards to Daddy, and we loaded up the cooler with water and headed to Petroglyph National Monument. 

Happy Father's Day!

We chose three short trails to hike up the side of what was bigger than a hill but not really big enough to be considered a mountain.  The trails wound us through what looked like large boulders of black lava rock where we spotted some ancient petroglyphs.  We weren’t sure if the petroglyphs we saw were really ancient or if they were carved in recently by local teenagers.  Regardless, it was fun. 

If you look closely, you can see a petroglyph on the boulder to the left.
This one didn't look very authentic, but who knows? :-)

On the third hike, which was all the way up to the top of the hill, Ashlee spotted a sign, once again, warning to be on the lookout for rattlesnakes.  She was determined to see one, so she was on the hunt looking in every crack and crevice.  At one point she yelled, “I see one!”  We all ran over to look.  False alarm.  So I made the flippant comment, “Ashlee, if you see a snake, I’ll give you five bucks.”  That was all the motivation she needed.  We got to the top and walked to the edge to look out over the city.  Once again, Ashlee squealed, “I see one for real this time!”  So we sauntered over to take a look.  I lost five bucks!  Then I lost my footing while trying to get a good picture without getting too close to the snake, and I almost fell off the rock I was balanced on.  I recovered though and got a great picture as the snake turned its head toward me.


I didn't like when it turned toward me. I left pretty quickly!

On our way back down the trail, Ashlee was basking in the glory of winning $5 from me, and Emilee was stewing because she wanted $5 too.  I said, “I wonder what kind of snake that was?”  Emilee’s reply, “Will you give me five bucks if I figure it out?”  Always the entrepreneur!  And my answer was no!

Going back down

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