Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Olympic National Park

On our first day in Port Angeles, we went to Olympic National Park.  The weather was overcast, but the clouds were moving in and out.  We arrived at the visitor center and got some information on what to see in the limited amount of time we had.  The first recommendation was the Hurricane Hill trail.  The most amazing thing... we walked part of this trail on snow... in July!  Even more fun... we were walking through the clouds.  That being said, it was a cloudy day, so visibility was extremely low.  Clouds occasionally floated in and out, so there were quick glimpses of the mountains in the distance.  By the end of the trail, we were walking in pouring rain and made it to the car before getting too wet to enjoy our picnic... in the car!

On our way up Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

Starting the Hurricane Hill trail

Caught a bird getting ready to take flight

Scott looks like he's up to no good.
Hiding behind a tree with a load of snow at his disposal!

View from the top

The next few photos show what we would have seen
had it been a clear day.

On our way back down, the clouds floated in and out.

It's starting to rain.

We finished up at Olympic National Park by driving to Lake Crescent and then went back to hotel to rest up for mine and the girls' first trip out of the country tomorrow!

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