Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time for an Oil Change

Bright and early on Thursday morning we left Yosemite for our 8-hour drive to Fortuna, California.  This was just a stop-off on our way to our next destination – the Redwood National Forest in Grant’s Pass, Oregon.  At this point we are halfway through our trip, and we have logged over 5000 miles so far.  So about halfway into the day’s drive, Scott suggested we find a Honda dealership to get an oil change while we grabbed some lunch since today was just a travel day.  He found one that just happened to be across the street from several restaurants and a mall.  So after dropping off the van, we walked across the street to the mall and found a restaurant called Hometown Buffet… we all needed some veggies.

During lunch, the Honda dealership called and informed Scott that we had a nail in our tire.  Not a huge surprise since he’d had to air it up a few days ago, but we were glad that they caught it before we had a flat or a blowout out in the middle of nowhere.  Once again… right place at the right time!  Fortunately they were able to patch it!

After gorging ourselves at the all-you-can-eat, we detoured into Barnes & Noble.  Emilee needed a biography for her summer reading for school.  And Ashlee, having gone through four books in the first two weeks of this trip, was out of reading material.  Then we headed back to get the van, and we were on the road again.  Even with the extended stop on the way to our destination for the evening, we arrived in time to wind down before bedtime.

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