Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sea World & The "Soak Zone"

On Friday morning (June 24) we took off to Sea World for the day.  We started first thing at the dolphin show where they also showcased some whales.  We entered through the underground viewing area first so we could see the dolphins and whales before the show. 

Then we went into the stadium to watch the show.  Since we were attending the first show, there weren't a lot of people around yet, so we had our pick of seats.  As we walked in, we noticed that the first 12 rows of bleachers were labeled with signs that read “SOAK ZONE.”  The girls, being eager beavers, wanted the thrill of a “little sprinkling” from seeing a dolphin up close and personal, so they sat front and center in the THIRD row!  By the time the show was over, they looked like drown rats.  It was not quite what they expected.  Scott and I, being the smart cookies that we are, sat in about row 16 so we could, as we told the girls, watch them from above.  Let’s just say that when we went to the next show to see the whales in Shamu Stadium, the girls wanted nothing to do with the “SOAK ZONE.”  We sat in the nosebleed section for that show.

Disco Dolphin!


Can you say "SOAK ZONE?"

Here is the whale that soaked the girls!

Anybody need a towel?
Before the wet rides! And, no, I don't have an "after" pic! :-)

My favorite show of the day was by far the “Clyde & Seamore” show.  These two seals were way too cute, but the entertainment before the show was hilarious.  I still can't figure out how to post a video, but I'm working on it!

We finished off the day at Sea World with a couple of rides.  I don’t really care much for rides that drown you with water, but if the girls insist that I ride along, I’ll do it.  But I prefer to do it right before we leave the park.  There’s just something gross to me about walking around in tennis shoes and socks that squish when I walk.  Besides that, it was really cold!  So in the afternoon, the four of us loaded into a 9-seat, round boat, and went sailing and twirling down the rapids getting soaked from head to toe.  Ashlee definitely got the worst end of things on this ride.  She was literally dripping wet when we got off.  I kept trying to cover my head with my jacket, but Scott started trying to play tug-of-war with it so I would get wet.  What a booger!

We then headed off to the last ride.  It was a combination between a log ride and a roller coaster.  Ashlee rode beside me, and since Scott wasn’t close enough to me to grab my jacket this time, Ashlee and I hid underneath it when we splashed at the bottom of the hill, so we were able to not get too much more wet as we finished off our day at Sea World. 

Ashlee navigating us through the park

Can't you just see Emilee cruising around town in this?

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